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Dec 13

Fake Reviews

Did you know in 2011 there was an estimated 10 million fake reviews? There is news of an Australian restaurant taking on Tripadvisor over some bad reviews which she claims were made by someone trying to destroy her business. (Source : Another report claims that up to 10 million reviews could be fake as well, …

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Oct 30

All Saints Day in the Philippines (“Todós los Santos”)

If you’re in the Philippines on the 1st of November one of most important religious events is All Saints Day when Filipinos visit cemeteries to remember their departed loved ones. They can spend the whole night (or two) sitting by the graves. It also gives relatives a chance to clean up the graves while decorating …

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Sep 23

Shopping in Cebu – do you want pink nipples?

Janet Jackson should of used this

The other day I was in Gaisano Island Mall in Mactan and I came across one of those Health Stores/ Chinese medicines and one product caught my eye was this pink nipple cream. Who would of thought? I know Filipinos are obsessed with white skin and the sheer amount of whitening lotion products is amazing! …

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Sep 16

I want the dancing inmates of Cebu to do the Gangnam Style dance!

Just came across that Youtube video of the dancing inmates in Cebu, reminded me back in April of this year I tried to go visit and see them.  The video made international fame a number of years ago with all these inmates dancing to Michel Jackson songs in their prisoner orange jumpsuits.  I was hoping …

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Aug 06

Filipino Expressions

One of the first things you will need to get use to when you travel to Cebu or in fact anywhere in the Philippines is their expressions. Sometimes what they say may not have the same meaning or idea as what we from Western countries are used to. “Up to you” – Sometimes if you …

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Aug 02

Lonely Planet Philippines 2012

Have to say the new edition of the Lonely Planet Philippines 2012 is disappointing, looks like a lazy update on the 2009 one. Only really looked at the Cebu part so far but it’s got less than the last edition, there are a few updates but generally it’s the same. Areas in the province that …

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