Aug 06

Filipino Expressions

One of the first things you will need to get use to when you travel to Cebu or in fact anywhere in the Philippines is their expressions. Sometimes what they say may not have the same meaning or idea as what we from Western countries are used to.

“Up to you” – Sometimes if you going to like organise a price for a service, you will get the reply ” up to you”. The “up to you price” is only “up to you” when your “up to you” price is higher than “up to him” wants. So yes it’s “up to you ” when you’re going to pay too much, but if your “up to you” price is lower than what “up to him” wants then the price isn’t “up to you” anymore it’s “up to him”! Get it?!!?

“No problem, no problem” – means there is a problem (but he doesn’t want you to know about)

“For a while” – everything being slow in the Philippines, this is the last thing you want to hear. For the overseas tourist “for a while” sounds like such a long time – but luckily in the Philippines it really translate to “just a minute”

“I’m looking for a friend” – I’m looking for a husband !

“Whatever” – To some this might sound offensive, but it’s not as strong as word as you might think, so don’t get angry if a Filipino says it to you.

“One Shot, one shot” – one shot of beer or tunduay and then you’re paying for the next round!

Yes means No! – Filipinos have a funny way of saying no. While in Western countries you would say “No, I don’t have any money” a Filipino would say ” Yes, I don’t have any money”

He, she – WTF? – One thing that may confuse the international tourist is Filipinos mix up he and she. So they may be talking about a man but call him a she. Maybe something to do with all the lady boys it’s hard to tell the difference!

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