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Find the best 10 beaches in Cebu and beyond. Part 2

Cebu's Best Beaches

Discover Cebu's best beaches part 2

Cebu’s best beaches and beyond. Part 2

Following on from my last blog of the best beaches in Cebu here is the second part of what has to be on your must see list if you are going to holiday in Cebu. Cebu has so many great beaches that I needed to add a part 2 to this blog to cover them all. If you love tropical island getaways and need more information follow us at Beyond Cebu. For part 1 of this list please visit here.







Kalanggman (Calangaman) Island  

Beautiful Calangaman Island

This tiny island is around 1 hour boat ride from Malapascua and is surrounded by stunning tropical aqua blue waters, the stuff you find in postcards. The island actually belongs to Leyte and is privately own so you do need to pay entrance fees (see Malapascua for details) to visit or stay (you can camp overnight here if you don’t mind the rustic amenities). Best enjoyed as a day trip, where you can swim in the warm tropical waters. One side of Calangaman Island has a white sandy beach that stretches out into a sandbank, while the other side is more rocky. The island is so small you can walk around it in about 15 or so minutes. More details on Kalanggman on our guide to Malapascua Island.



Higatangan Island    

The white sand of Higatangan Island Philippines


Another island hopping trip from Malapascua Island (approx 2 hours boat ride) is the beautiful sandbank of Higatangan Island, a white strip of sand the stretches out into the ocean. If you get bored of swimming on this sandbank, Higatangan has a small village to explore and there is also a little resort on the island. The island only has electricity for four hours a day, again unless your going to stay at the resort on the island, it’s a great day trip from Malapascua. More details as above on our guide to Malapascua.


Tingko Beach (Alcoy), Cebu 

The underrated Tingko Beach in Alcoy Cebu Philippines

The beautiful Tingko Beach is a real hidden gem of a beach in Cebu. Located in Alcoy in the south of Cebu and around 2 hours from the City. Tingko Beach is blessed with a terrific  stretch of white sand with some clear waters that’s just perfect for swimming at.  Alcoy has a few resorts around the area to suite everyone’s budget, with Voda Krasna Resort having the best bit of the beach. The beach tends to get busy on the weekend and on holidays, for more details visit our Alcoy destination guide.


Sumilon Island 

Sumilon Island home of exclusive Sumilon Bluewater Resort


Just a bit further down south than Alcoy is the magnificent island of Sumilon. The island owned by Bluewater Resorts whom run a luxury resort on the island (Bluewater Resort also has a upmarket resort on Mactan and and another resort on Bohol Island). If you’re not staying overnight, Sumilon Resort offers day use packages in which  you can use the facilities of the resort and swim at its amazing beaches. Sumilon Island has 2 beaches to swim at, the small sandbank where the boats arrive and on other side of the island, at a beautiful little beach. The resort isn’t cheap and the island is exclusive to the resort. For more details visit our Sumilon Island Resort guide.



Yes Moalboal does have a white beach


Moalboal is basically broken up into two main areas, Panagsama  Beach and White Beach. If you’re looking for a good beach then it’s White Beach area where you be wanting to go. Prices of the resorts in this area are more expensive than that of Panagsama, and if your coming for the diving, many of these resorts in Moalboal have their own dive shop or affiliated with one. White Beach is a terrific stretch of beach, good for swimming and nice white sand for lazing about on. It does become busier on the weekend and public holidays when lots of locals come from Cebu City. There are spots along the beach that have day use cottages (aside from the resorts for overnight stays) and some barbeque stalls. To get to Moalboal its around 90 km south of Cebu City and approximately 2 half hours from Cebu City by bus, you will then need to take a short tricycle or habal habal ride from the highway.


Badian Island  

Luxurious Badian Island Beach Resort in Cebu


Badian Island is another one of those exclusive resorts located on a small island just off the mainland of Cebu. The island boasts a small white sand beach that you can relax at, swim or just enjoy a tropical cocktail. The resort is quite expensive so not for one on a budget.




Camotes Islands 

Santiago Bay Camotes


The less travelled Camotes Islands have some of the most beautiful beaches in Cebu and the truly hold some of the best “hidden” beaches in all of the Philippines. Santiago Bay, Bakhaw Beach and Tulang Island are the must see beaches on the Camotes. Santiago Bay is a lovely beach with shallow waters and is one the most popular beaches on the Camotes. It’s also the place where most of the resorts in the Camotes are located. Bakahaw Beach is a beautiful little spot and  is a less known beach which lets you have more time to the beach yourself. The beach only has a couple small resorts located on it. Tulang Island is a small island around 5 minutes from Pacijan Island. Visit our site for more information on these beaches and resorts in Camotes.


Alegre Beach Resort 

Relax in style at Alegre Beach Resort in Cebu


Located in Sogod Cebu in the north of Cebu, Alegre Beach Resort is an upmarket resort in Cebu with a lovely beach to sit back and relax by the tropical waters. As the beach is part of the resort itself, you can be sure of a less crowded and more secluded beach making it perfect for a romantic getaway. It’s only a few hours drive from Cebu City,




Pandanon Island 

Island hop to the pretty island of Pandanon in Cebu


This little island is little more than a sandbank and  is around 90 minutes boat ride from Mactan Island. Pandanon Island makes a great day trip or part of and island hopping trip which can easily arranged by the resort your staying at in Mactan or try the wonderful team at Island Tours (see our Mactan Island Guide for more details). Here you can enjoy the islands beautiful white sandy beach to swim, relax or enjoy a barbeque of delicious sea foods (bring your own). The waters around Pandanon are shallow making it great for the whole family.  Cottages can be rented on the island as well.



The popular Alona Beach in Bohol


Bohol is within easy reach of Cebu (it’s only a 2 hour ferry ride) and has a couple of great beach destinations. The most popular and  famous being Alona Beach on Panglao Island. Alona has everything a holiday maker could need, good beach, lots restaurants and beach resorts located right along Alona beach. There are  plenty of activities (both sea based and land based) to keep every visitor happy. For something more secluded, Anda Beach in Bohol’s south has some lovely beaches as well a some nice resorts. For more information on Bohol’s beaches please visit our guide to Bohol

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