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Hauntings in the Philippines – Is this a photo of a ghost?

Hauntings in the Philippines

Do you know any ghost stories in the Philippines?

With All Saints Day fast approaching I thought it was a good topic and one thing that fascinates nearly everyone, including myself is ghosts. No matter where you’re from, every culture there is some sort of belief in ghosts or hauntings. Even today it’s a popular as ever; there are a number of TV shows about ghost hunters who try to find evidence of these ghosts.  These days technology such as night vision cameras and voice recorders have become cheaper and easier for the everyday person to buy. So you too may be able to become a ghost hunter yourself. If you ever want to watch a show about ghost, the most awesome has to be Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, these guys are crazy!  Not only does this show scare the crap out of me, these guys go out of their way to provoke ghosts to see what they will do! I’ve added a couple of episodes at the bottom of the blog so you can see what I mean!

As far as the Philippines I once saw Ghost Hunters investigate a hospital in Clark once used by US troops, Japanese troops during World War II and was used for troops during the Vietnam War as well. The other place they invested was the Diplomat Hotel in Bagiuo City. See the full video below.

Cebu is no exception and I’ve heard some stories of haunted places in Cebu, so these are the places I got to check out.

1/ Kawasan Falls. One place people keep telling me is haunted is Kawasan Falls; supposedly areas that have a body of water can help spirits channel energy to be able to appear. A few years ago, a Korean tourist was killed when one of his friends jumped from the cliff and landed on top of him. Could Kawasan Falls be haunted by his spirit? One of the locals told me, while he hasn’t seen a ghost here; he has felt the presence of something that isn’t part of this world!

Chances of it being haunted 3/10 – not much evidence, lots of talk!


2/ Santander (South Cebu) – The House of the late Mayor Onesimo Buscato. I heard a story of this house being one of the most haunted in Cebu. People have alleged cutlery and plates flying across the room. When I visited there was an old lady living in the house and didn’t want to be disturbed.

Haunted house in Cebu

Chances of it being haunted 0/10 – with someone living there it seems highly unlikely, more a town’s urban myth.

3/ Corregidor Island is located in Manila Bay and if ever a place in the Philippines is haunted this is probably going to be the place. Corregidor Island was the American’s base in the Philippines in World War II, was captured by the Japanese and by the end of the war recaptured by the Americans. With so much bloody fighting, death and destruction this has to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. You can actually do ghost tours of the Island!  It was only after looking at the photos I noticed it,  one of the photos taken of the ruins of an old building  it looks like a kneeling soldier (see photo). Could this be the ghost of some soldier that died during World War II still wondering the building?  Or is it just the way the shadows form? Whatever it was, this sent chills down my back!

Photo of a ghost in Corregidor Island Philippines

Chances of being haunted 9/10 – With so much death during World War II and with the photo I took its highly likely a place like this to be haunted.  Love the Ghost Adventures to investigate this place! How about it?

Ghost Hunters International investigated ghosts in Clark Air Force Bases said to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. The team go ghost hunting to check out the Clark Hospital on the base which had reports that people have heard voices, screams and full body apparitions.

The 2nd part of the video the team investigates the haunted Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City Philippines another haunted place in the Philippines with reported paranormal activity.



If you like to check out some of the Ghost Adventures here is video of their scariest moments



If you liked those videos here is great episode of Ghost Adventures…


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