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The Ultimate Guide to Hotels Near Ayala Cebu – The Best Area to Stay in Cebu

Ayala Terraces has plenty of restaurants in Cebu to eat at

 Why stay near Ayala Center Cebu?

One of the most popular areas to hang out in Cebu City has to be Ayala Shopping Mall; it’s one of the best shopping malls in Cebu. Ayala has everything you could possibly want – many retail stores, clothing stores, foreign currency exchange, banks, department stores, salons, a chiropractor and you can even get a tattoo done! The latest addition to Ayala Cebu was “The Terraces” opened in 2008 at the cost of around P 600 million. This multi levelled terraced facade is home to a huge range of restaurants and coffee shops (Starbucks, Siam Thai Cuisine, TGI Fridays, CYMA Greek Restaurant, Red Kimono Japanese Restaurant to name a few) with nearly every cuisine available and is a lovely area built around an outdoor garden setting complete with water fountains. The Terraces addition has made Ayala the premier shopping Mall in Cebu and if you’re new to Cebu or a first timer to the city, it’s a great place to introduce yourself to the city. If you plan to do a bit a shopping in Cebu (and prices of clothing is pretty cheap compared to Western countries) you don’t have far to carry all your shopping bags! If staying in a safe area is priority then this part of Cebu is defiantly one of the safer areas in the city. The only thing you really need to be careful of is the traffic around the mall! I’ve found myself staying in this area many times so I thoroughly recommending staying in hotel around Ayala. I honestly think if you never been to Cebu before, this is one of the best places to start looking for accommodation in Cebu City. Unlike other parts of Cebu City, you won’t have beggars outside your hotel asking for money or someone harassing you to buy fake Viagra tablets.

Location wise Ayala is very convenient; it’s only a short taxi ride to most places around the city, including the  popular tourist attractions in Cebu. A short 10 minute taxi ride away is IT Park, an area that has some great restaurants and bars. You’ll find this open most of the time as it’s where the call centres in Cebu are located. These centres run around the clock and have created a thriving business of restaurants and bars that service all call centre workers.  If you are into checking out the nightlife in Cebu, again it’s only a short ride to Mango Square (a popular area with a number of discos such as J. AVE, Alchology and Hybrid Bar) and if you’re into the bikini bars, again only a short taxi ride away.

Finding the right hotel near Ayala

For more information on these hotels in Cebu (below) please click here.

There is a fantastic choice in the number of hotels near Ayala Cebu, including a number of new hotels just opened in the last couple of years. It’s easy to see why in the last few years the biggest growth area, in terms of hotels in Cebu has been around the Ayala. With more competition between the hotels it only means better prices for the consumers. So here is the rundown of the hotels in this area.

One of the more upmarket hotels in Cebu


Cebu Marriott Hotel – The closest hotel you can get  to Ayala. The Marriott is a business style hotel that has the luxuries of an outdoor pool area, gym and has some of the best buffets in town. Rooms are fitted with modern amenities and are pretty much what you expect from the Marriott Brand. The hotel enforces a strict airport like security when entering the hotel.





The massive Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino. Deluxe Room


Most of the hotels generally are located on the busy Archbishop Reyes Ave which runs parallel with Ayala. Starting from the Northern end of the Ave is the huge Waterfront Hotel Cebu. It  has a side street onto Archbishop Reyes Ave (while its main entrance is on Salinas Drive) and about a 10 minute walk to Ayala. The hotel contains a casino, numerous restaurants, gym, outdoor swimming pool, duty free shop and practically everything that you could possibly want! The Uno Restaurant serves some huge buffets.



Cebu Parklane Hotel. Corner Room

The distinctive Blue tinted windowed Cebu Parklane Hotel  used to have unobtrusive views of Ayala, now blocked by a high-rise building.  I have stayed here a few times over the years and is one of the better hotels near Ayala. Even though there is a lot more competition now it’s still one ranks up there in the top hotels. The Parklane has a better than average buffet breakfast to get you going in the morning. The lead in rooms are a little on the small side, I prefer the corner room, which is a little larger than the Superior. The hotel has an around 240 rooms and has an outdoor pool and gym both located on the 4th floor. Although walking distance to Ayala there are 2 roads to cross both of which are a bit of nightmare as they seem always busy with traffic!  The hotel would fit in as a 3 or 3 and half star hotel and pretty good place to stay at, somewhere I don’t mind staying in Cebu.


One of the newer hotels in Cebu, The Quest Hotel Cebu.

Quest Hotel Cebu is one of the newest upper market hotels in Cebu as well as being one of the city’s largest hotels with over 420 rooms. Rooms are adequately sized and are fitted with modern amenities including WiFi. The Premier Deluxe Rooms have the extra balcony which is the only real difference between that and the normal Deluxe Rooms. The Quest Hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool and for breakfast the restaurant serves up a decent buffet. The hotel is also a popular conference centre and as such, the hotel is fitted with state of the art meeting facilities complete with 10 meeting rooms. A hotel in Cebu I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Diamond Suites Cebu Deluxe Room


Diamond Suites & Residences Cebu is located just behind the Quest Hotel and is a relatively new mid-sized hotel in Cebu. The lower floors house the hotel rooms and the top floors being the “Residences” 2 storey condo type accommodation, suited for longer stays. The hotel has a small outdoor swimming pool and gym. Standard Room has two twin size beds and the area is about 20 square meters. Deluxe Rooms has two queen size beds and the room area is about 32 square meters.




Regal Park Hotel Standard Room

Regal Business Park Hotel is a much older hotel that offers some more budget friendly rooms. Due to the competition in the area, rooms are actually cheaper than what they were a few years ago and come with buffet breakfast (OK breakfast for the price). Rooms have  the standard facilities (cable TV, air conditioning, telephone and hot and cold shower) and there is free WiFi in the restaurant on the ground floor. The hotel has a small car park. Regal Hotel is located directly across from Ayala Shopping Mall. Overall the hotel offers reasonable value.



The brand new Wellcome Hotel in Cebu. Deluxe Room with Veranda



Wellcome Hotel Cebu is a brand new 3 star hotel in Cebu offering rooms equipped with clean and modern amenities (including free Wi-Fi, safety deposit box, hair dryer and coffee/tea making facilities in the rooms). The hotel has its own outside swimming pool and parking is available. Located a few minutes walk to Ayala.





Tune Hotel Cebu Double Room

Tune Hotel Cebu is another new hotel opened in 2012 and offers a low cost  stay in Cebu. Part of the Malaysian company that operates the budget carrier Air Asia. Tune Hotel follows the same concept of the budget airline, where you pay for the room only and everything else you pay extra for. (IE extra for towel, toiletries, Wi-Fi, cable TV etc.). For me I’m not entirely convinced of this concept, it doesn’t really work for me but maybe it works for others. I just like to have everything; rooms are not that expensive in Cebu. Agoda tends to package everything up in the one price, I find that the most convenient for me. The rooms are modern; clean if a bit tiny in size. A pretty good budget accommodation option in Cebu.


Island Stay Hotel Cebu Large Room


Next door is the bright and cheery Islands Stay Hotel Cebu, again another hotel that has only opened recently. The brightly coloured rooms give you this fun funky feeling. Not sure how I would feel coming back a bit tipsy from drinking at the clubs with all the bright colours! Rooms are pretty simple, but come with the basic necessities of a standard room. Good budget accommodation.




Golden Prince Hotel Cebu. Studio Room


Golden Prince Hotel is a mid-ranged hotel in Cebu. I’ve stayed here a few times and I have had problems booking a room if I leave it to the last minute, seems to be a popular hotel for conferences or parties and always find it a busy place. Rooms are decent, staff always accommodating. There is a buffet breakfast served on the ground floor which is reasonable enough.





Pensionne La Florentina Cebu



La Florentina Pensionne for those looking for  budget accommodation in Cebu, An older pension house, the  La Florentina offers some, while not spectacular, decent simple rooms. The place doesn’t have an elevator so higher rooms means carrying your luggage up the flight of stairs.





Myras Pension House Cebu



Myra’s Pensionne *update* this has been closed.

Is another older pension house in Cebu, rooms come with wooden floors are clean and pretty good value. Some rooms come with hot/cold showers (the others just being cold water) so ask ahead if you want the hot water rooms as these rooms are limited. I found the rooms do attract some traffic noise.





Elizabeth Hotel Cebu. Deluxe



Elizabeth Hotel Cebu is a relatively new hotel just minutes away from Ayala. Rooms are modern and clean and come with mini bar, cable LCD TV and safety deposit box to name a few. The hotel has a restaurant serves up a decent enough breakfast.






Elizabeth Hotel Cebu


St. Moritz Hotel Cebu is an older hotel, located behind Elizabeth Hotel on a side street. The only off putting thing is there are a few  squatters as you  approach the hotel. There is hotel guard and I haven’t actually felt unsafe going there. The building are set up similar to a motel style set up, while inside the rooms are spacious, if a little tired looking. Kind of felt more suited to longer stay. There is a restaurant serving some nice European dishes as well as a “girlie”bar next door.




Richmond Plaza Hotel Cebu. Renovated Deluxe Room



Richmond Plaza Hotel Cebu is another older hotel which recently has been getting a much needed renovation! Stayed there a few years ago, and the rooms where very run down and old, coming back and staying in their renovated room was a big improvement. Hopefully all rooms are done by the time you read this.





West Gorodo Hotel Cebu



West Gorordo Hotel is an older hotel in Cebu; while nothing special it’s still a decent enough hotel. It’s one of those hotels if a friend ask you if you recommend it – it would be “yeah it’s ok”, just a run of the mill hotel. Right next door to Family Choice Restaurant, that offers some great priced buffets.





Golden Peak Cebu Deluxe Room

The Golden Peak Hotel. This was one of the very first hotels I stayed at in Cebu and it has been around since I ever knew.  The Golden Peak was one of my favourite hotels in Cebu when I first came to the city (before I really knew Cebu) and I stayed here a number of times. While I don’t tend to stay here as often anymore, it’s still a reasonable hotel, probably just getting a bit long in the tooth. In the low season they sometimes offer some fantastic promos. Breakfast is so-so. Located on a busy intersection but still easy walking distance to Ayala.




Kukuks Nest Cebu. Fan Room



Kukuk’s Nest Cebu – The cheapest hotel you are going to find in the area. It actually moved across the road from its previous location and has some very basic simple rooms. Kuku’s Nest is one if you’re really pinching your pennies and for the price, it’s ok value. Rooms are either air conditioned or fan.The bathroom is communal.





Tonros Apartelle Cebu. Budget accommodation for longer stays.



Tonros Apartelle Cebu – offers basic accommodation, more suited to long term travellers staying in Cebu. The rooms come with the basics – mini bar, cable TV  air conditioning and you can rent some cooking utensils. The apartelle is pretty old and the rooms do look a bit rundown, but for the price it’s ok.






Harolds Hotel Cebu. Deluxe Room


Harold’s Hotel Cebu. Nice modern hotel with a great rooftop bar to kick back with a drink and look over the city. Rooms are clean and nicely furnished with comfy beds. The Buffet breakfast is average. Stayed here when they first opened a while back when they had some opening promos, I felt then the staff where a bit unsure of themselves, still trying to understand the place, but thankfully staff are a lot better now. A good choice for someone wanting a hotel in the mid to upper range standard of accommodation.



The brand spanking new Mandarin Plaza Hotel Cebu



The new hotel in this area of Ayala is Mandarin Plaza Hotel Cebu which I have yet to visit, but it does look rather nice!









The amount of hotels near Ayala gives you ample options to choose from. So anyone coming to Cebu for a holiday or even for business, then this area is one of the best places to be staying in Cebu. With all the competition, these hotels are regularly offering promos or discounts, so keep an eye out!  Check out our guide on saving money when staying in Cebu. Again I’m fond of Agoda when booking, but check out with hotels direct as it can work out cheaper, I’m more into convenience as I’m limited on time.

Hey and don’t forget to visit the main page of www.beyondcebu.com to see all the wonderful things to do and see in Cebu!

Enjoy your Stay in Cebu!


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*Mandarin Plaza Hotel photo courtesy of their Facebook page.




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