Sep 16

I want the dancing inmates of Cebu to do the Gangnam Style dance!

Just came across that Youtube video of the dancing inmates in Cebu, reminded me back in April of this year I tried to go visit and see them.  The video made international fame a number of years ago with all these inmates dancing to Michel Jackson songs in their prisoner orange jumpsuits.  I was hoping they do a rendition of Gangnam Style, now that would be awesome! With K- Pop all the rage, especially in the Philippines, watching the inmates doing this dance would sure bring the dancing inmate of Cebu back to the top of Youtube!

To go see the inmates, I found out you have to register at City Hall first (tel 253 6070 and speak to a lady by the name of Irish) and it happens one a month at the last Saturday of every month.  Anyhow in April when I called up they told me that the dancing inmates was suspended further an investigation into an incident that happened in January.  They didn’t elaborate on what this “incident” was (and the fact it was kept pretty quiet as well).  When I heard this all kinds of images popped into my mind of what might of happened, I mean we are talking about some harden criminals here, murders, drug dealers, people that have been locked away from society for a reason.  Dancing in front of spectators, foreign tourists and like, what a way to get some attention, in the worst possible way. Some of these criminals probably don’t have much to live for in life and I have seen in documentaries the terrible things they can do to other inmates or even the guards. Some of these people are the scum of life; imagine doing something terrible to another inmate in front of the public. I couldn’t image bringing my family and seeing something like this happened. Maybe this “incident” was something less dramatic – an impromptu “mooning” of the crowd after the moon walk!

It really has made me have second thoughts on going to see these inmate dancers of Cebu, the criminals have been locked away for a reason and shouldn’t be used as gimmicks or exploited. If you want to see dancing in Cebu there are plenty of other places and with more deserving people. Filipinos are talented in the arts such as dancing let’s give the other people in society a chance to show off their skills and let the prisoners  do their time,  away from the public. That’s unless of course they do the Gangnam Style dance, now that I would be swayed to see!! Bring it on!


If you want to see the video of Gangnam Style check out


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