Aug 02

Lonely Planet Philippines 2012

Have to say the new edition of the Lonely Planet Philippines 2012 is disappointing, looks like a lazy update on the 2009 one. Only really looked at the Cebu part so far but it’s got less than the last edition, there are a few updates but generally it’s the same. Areas in the province that were in last edition have been left out this time. Take Malapascua for instance, under the information section it says the diesel powered generators operate 6 pm to 11 pm which was true in 2009 but for the last 3 years Malapascua has a new 24 hour run generator, had they actually gone back they might of noticed this! All they did was copy and paste from the last edition. They spelt the name wrong for one of the resorts it’s Mr Kwiiz not Mr Kwizz. Reading the back as to the authors and it seems Cebu has been covered by some new authors and it shows! I have been picking up the last few editions over the years and this is a letdown, it’s not worth the extra money. For something that’s so much cut and paste from the old edition (and not properly checked), if you have got the old edition there isn’t much reason to get this one. Jens Peters has a new edition of his popular Philippines Travel Guide out which I would love to check out. He actually wrote the earlier editions of the Lonely Planet Philippines in the 90’s but then was replaced in the 2000’s by a new group of writers who actually wrote a great update on his version (until this 2012 edition!). Ironically Jans Peters book is now better than the Lonely Planet!



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