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Romantic things to do in Cebu

Valentine's Day red roses

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us again, it’s time to think of the best romantic things you could do here in Cebu. February 14 is an important date for Filipinos, and they love to show and share their love. If you’re in Cebu or in fact anywhere in the Philippines you have to be blind not to see all the excitement Valentine’s Day generates to Cebuano’s.

Are you a romantic? Have you ever been given or received a bunch of red roses or box of delicious chocolates? We all like to think of ourselves as romantics. Some of us are lucky to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our sweetheart or loved one, it’s the day we can really show how much we love them, maybe not as often as we should. Don’t let your Facebook status change to “complicated”! If it’s your one time to keep the passion in your relationship, then do it!  Everyone loves to be treated special, to feel loved and wanted, especially from the one we really care about. For those who haven’t been struck from Cupid’s arrow, this is a day we are hoping a crush or someone special leaves us that romantic note, or bunch of red roses on our door. Maybe it’s from a secret admirer, maybe it’s many admirers!

So what romantic things can you do in Cebu? One of the most simple yet most romantic is having a candlelit dinner, or just a dinner for two. In Cebu there are plenty of great options, you only need to start at Ayala Terraces. From here there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, and a budget to suit everyone. After you can hold hands and take a stroll in the gardens. If it’s your first date, maybe it’s a good opportunity for your first kiss! IT Park has plenty of places to eat as well, later treat your loved one to one of the many bars around the area, or even go dancing.

If you want to impress your date more, dinner with a view is a great way to get the Cupid’s arrow stuck into his or her heart. Head to Nivel Hills to find a number of great restaurants in Cebu. Marco Polo serves up some amazing buffet dinners, so if you don’t know what food to eat, it’s all there for you! After head up to the Blu Bar with some stunning views of Cebu City. Drink a glass while gazing over the city lights. How about Anzani Restaurant, an upmarket and expensive place to eat but having some amazingly delicious food with the added bonus of some terrific views. On a budget? Try Mr A, with some more affordable meals with its outdoor tables giving some awesome views! Even tighter budget, try the cafe of Mr A (just downstairs from the restaurant) with a coffee and enjoy the same great views! Italian? La Tegola has some great Italian cuisine with some of the best views in town. After, head right up to Tops, a lookout overlooking Cebu City. It’s a lot cooler up at the top of the mountain, good chance of a cuddle to keep warm! Don’t forget to ring the bell for good luck in your relationship! Again a great opportunity for a smooch!

How about a romantic getaway? With Philippines made up of over 7 thousand islands, a romantic beach getaway is never far away. Nothing beats the feeling of going away to a beautiful beach resort with something special.  Bohol is only a couple of hours by boat, why not enjoy a couple days on Alona Beach, a beautiful white sand beach with plenty of restaurants to enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach. Feel the fresh ocean breeze as you dine, surely a location to spice up your romance. Why not try one of Bohol’s many 5 star resorts, as the saying goes no pain no gain! Sure it may hurt your hip pocket, but it’s only for one or two nights and love has no price, except the price of happiness. The most luxurious resorts include the Bohol Bluewater Resort with its infinity pool and Amuma Spa which offers some of the finest signature therapies in Bohol. The Bellevue Resort a brand new luxury resort in Bohol offering first class service and amenities. It comes with a huge infinity pool with many rooms having stunning views over the ocean. The resort offers a number of restaurants offering fine dining. Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa in Anda has it’s own private beach area providing a great place to relax and enjoy this peaceful piece of paradise! Closer to Cebu, spoil yourself at one of Mactan’s luxury resorts. Shangri La Resort Cebu with its beautiful beach front and restaurants that offer some of the finest dining in Cebu, Crimson Resort with its massive infinity pool, Plantation Bay Resort Mactan has its famous beautiful lagoons, Imperial Palace Cebu Resort with its water park and plenty of activities to keep couples occupied. All these resorts have their own luxury spas to indulge your body and soul in the company of your loved one.

Beautiful Alegre Beach Resort in Cebu's north

Spoil yourself this Valentine's Day at the beautiful Alegre Beach Resort

If you prefer a secluded beach resort to spend Valentine’s Day, you may want to have a look at Sumilon Resort in Cebu’s south, the only resort on the island of Sumilon. It has its own infinity swimming pool complete with amazing views over the ocean. Closer to nature, there are a couple of lovely spots on the beach to swim at. To end the day, treat yourself to the resort’s spa. In the north of Cebu you have the luxury Badian Beach Resort with its luxury spa and white sand beach to relax at. Alegre Beach Resort is another beautiful resort in Cebu’s north which offers some romantic getaway options.

Cebu has plenty of romantic options to do, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. The local newspapers are full of Valentines special deals and packages at the resorts or restaurants. Make sure when you make a reservation or booking to do it early and don’t leave it to the last minute. Whatever you do, the more you put into a relationship the more you get out of it, make sure to treat your loved one with some TLC. It will make the day more memorable.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Rob Brand


  1. shiela

    Nice job! keep it up 🙂

  2. caterine101

    Hi,would you know how to get to Sumilon Bluewater Resort?Thank you!

    1. administrator

      The cheapest way is catching a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal. You could also catch a taxi, many will offer this service.

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