Sep 23

Shopping in Cebu – do you want pink nipples?

Janet Jackson should of used this

The other day I was in Gaisano Island Mall in Mactan and I came across one of those Health Stores/ Chinese medicines and one product caught my eye was this pink nipple cream. Who would of thought? I know Filipinos are obsessed with white skin and the sheer amount of whitening lotion products is amazing! Now Filipinas want pink nipples! Picture shown *discloser – I have edited and blurred the nipple for children and men with heart problems ( I’m sure Janet Jackson would be proud of me!), but the results on the packet do look impressive and the model is not too bad either .¬† The packaging does say immediate results after 15 days, not sure that qualifies as immediate.

Don’t think the marketing guru’s have caught on yet, but we could take this concept even further! How bout different colours? Imagine your girlfriend with nipples the colour of your country! How patriotic ! Americans, well¬† with the red, white and blue would have to date that chick out of Total Recall! And for guys, nipple colours in your favourite football team! We guys love taking our shirts off in the middle of winter to show our support of our team, why not in the teams colours! Yes there is plenty of money to be made if you market things well enough!

I’m Dan and I’m going colour blind!


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