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Why holiday in the Philippines?

Tropical beach in the Philippines

Holiday in the Philippines – a hard sell.

Having worked in a travel agency for over 20 years I’ve seen most clients who wanted a tropical island or beach getaway meant Thailand, Bali, Fiji or Malaysia. Taking a holiday in the Philippines just wasn’t on their radar. As a popular tourist destination,  the Philippines just doesn’t rank up there with their Asian neighbours. Why? Well one thing is its location, a little out of the way and means taking a side trip from the mainland of Asia. So while other places are more convenient to get to. A lot of tourists travelling the Australia to/from Europe leg love to stop over in Asia for a few days. The major airlines stop via Singapore/Bangkok, again the Philippines is just out of the way, losing these potential tourists whom are just wishing for a few days or week to lay on a beach.

Image is another reason, over the years the Philippines hasn’t portrayed itself as the greatest tourist destination. When you hear of news from the Philippines it’s always been bad, corrupt politics, terrorists, kidnappings and there is still that image that old men go to marry some young Filipina. I asked a female friend if she was ever wanted to visit the Philippines. She said it’s too dangerous and she was scared of her kids getting kidnapped. She would rather go to Thailand. After many years of asking I did manage to convince her husband to travel with me to Cebu in the Philippines. He spend a few weeks travelling around Cebu. When he got home, he showed all the holiday photos and all the amazing experiences of Cebu. His wife and kids were so impressed that they changed their minds and now the whole family is planning a vacation to Cebu next year!

Holiday in Cebu

Photo of a beach in Cebu

Beach in Bantayan Island Cebu

Recently things have been changing for the better; the current government is trying to clean up all the corruption within the government, a treaty has been signed with Moro Islamic Liberation Front to give them autonomy in the southern Philippines, hopefully bringing more peace to the region. Tourist numbers to the Philippines in recent years has been growing rapidly (out pacing much of Asia). If you haven’t see the beauty of Cebu please visit our YouTube video showing the tourist attractions in Cebu. This island in the Philippines has some of the most amazing beaches that rival any in the rest of Asia, if you watch the link previously I’m sure you will agree. If you are looking for more information on a holiday in Cebu Philippines including resorts and hotels in Cebu visit our homepage, it should give your some ideas. The great thing about Cebu, like many parts of Asia is an affordable holiday destination, the locals are so welcoming and if you love tropical warmth, Cebu could certainly be on the top of your next holiday lists.

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